PAY in installments – see how simple it is!
Take advantage of the convenient options … select – what you need and pay in installments

  • Without the first payment
  • Without visiting the bank
  • without guarantors
  • Everything you need can settle on the spot
  • The maximum amount – 60 thousand. zł
  • Credit proof to 8000,00 zł
  • You choose the amount of the installments, the amount and maturity – as you fit! Loan repayment period to 60 months !!!!
  • You can insure against credit: job loss, illness preventing the repayment of a loan or an accident.

How to buy on installment?

  • Confirm the price and date of receipt of the trailer
  • Ask the service at the Centre for camping DABPOL on the calculation of the loan installment
  • On-site at the Center for camping DABPOL you can settle all formalities (introduce the necessary documents and sign a contract)

Who can pay in installments?

Everyone who:

  • it is an adult
  • Is registered in Polish
  • It has a permanent source of income in Poland (contract of employment, retirement, pension, farm, business, …)

Remember that:

Installment loans are granted to individuals
to loan always you need an ID card

What documents will I need?

Identity card
See if you can get a loan only proof!

Customers who can not get a loan on the basis of an identity card, should provide the following documents certifying the fact of obtaining a regular income:

employed under a contract of employment:
Current certificate of employment and the amount of average monthly salary for the last three months, or a copy of an account statement (or statement of operations on the account) for the required period * or individually printed by the client (with the websites of a bank) confirmation realization of a single transaction or PIT – 11 *

ID card retiree / annuitant, the last episode of the pension (annuity) or a photocopy of the decision to grant benefits * or a photocopy of the last revision *

managing a farm:
Certificate from the Municipal Office of owning a farm or a photocopy of the order for payment * and a photocopy of the last proof of payment of the premium ASIF * or a photocopy of the last proof of payment of agricultural tax *,
conducting business:
Photocopy of entry in the register of economic activities * and a photocopy of proof payment of insurance premiums the last three months * or a copy certified by the Inland revenue tax return for at least the last three months * or photocopies of evidence of payment of income tax for the last three months *
other sources of income:
According to individual arrangements

*) Original for inspection

Why pay in installments?

because it is a fast and convenient way to fulfill their dreams without saving and sacrifice!

  • With the possibility of payment by installments you can afford more expensive goods that better suits your needs – no need to save on quality!
  • No need to pay the first payment
  • Installments starting to pay off month after the signing of the loan agreement
  • You crediting all or part of the purchase
  • You decide the amount of installments, with maturity and time (you can adjust it to the date of the payment on your account) – so how do you fit!
  • Is a convenient alternative to cash, credit card or cash loans, installment you match their capabilities

Details. Offer and accurate information about the conditions of purchase in installments get in our company by calling tel. 511 896 667